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We are looking for the best powerhouse front singers and musicians with stage presence


N.B: All singers must sing with an Americanised accent, soul/contemporary power (not musical theatre voice types). 

Apply below with a clear photo and live link now to secure a slot.

We Want:

High end self contained function acts all genres

Apply Here


Join The Show Band

We have a high-end Motown/Pop show band (choreography) and a breakout band (doesn't require dance), looking for super stars with Mainstage performance quality to join as faces of the band, dancers and deputy musicians. All equipment and travel is provided for our show band fees start at £200+

Mainstage Show band auditions for:

  • Keyboardists (ideally double stack inc horn lines for small breakout bands)

  • Saxophonists

  • Trumpet

  • Percussionists

  • Singers Male and Female

  • Show singers that can move and Dancers

  • Drummers

  • Bassists

  • Guitarist

Genre: Motown / Pop

 We are looking to make core Motown / Pop bands for the break out band (profile) (4-8 piece minimal rehearsals / no choreography) and start a show band here (8-13 piece band / full production / choreography / full paid rehearsals per show). If you want to just dep and know you don't have time to be the face of a band, this is fine, equally if you want to join a band please let us know which you wish to be considered for. 

Are you ready to rock the stage?


Audition Material

Mainstage Band Deps:

At Last by Etta James and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.

Auditions are half an hour, you will have 15 minutes to prep.

Please arrive early.

Backline Provided

Keyboardists: Single stack OK for show band however we get less bookings for this than the breakout band, we require double stack for the break out band for you to play horn lines and synths.

All musicians must bring their instruments.

(Drummers: Please bring breakables only)

Mics and Amps provided.



Auditions are held in West London and are invite only.


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