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**Covid-19 Update**

We appreciate Covid-19 has hit our industry hard, not just in lockdown territories but world wide and forced many events to be postponed or cancelled. In these unprecedented times we have created unprecedented measures to cover our acts and clients.

All bookings cancelled due to Covid-19 laws will be automatically provided with a credit note to the sum of the pre-payment/deposit, this includes venues, cruises and individual clients. 


Please also be reminded all clients will not be liable for cancellation fees, for Covid-19 related cancellation.


In the event clients are not looking to reinstate the same planning and requirements for the rebooked event(s), the same part payment sum can be credited towards any combination of acts for any alternative future event(s). No further sourcing fees to be added. This again applies to venues, cruises and individual clients. 


We are not working at full capacity but we are slowly working on providing credit notes each week. If you haven't heard from us yet, you have not been forgotten, please bear with us.

We look forward to raising the roof with you through our live acts once again in the near future!


Any further questions please email us at and not direct to your representative(s).

Mainstage Live

Company Policy

Whether you book a solo singer or 5 bands at once, all acts provided are automatically covered under our company policy so it's worth checking the terms and conditions.


The main things to look out for if you haven't booked a live at before are the following:

  • Bands need power (not all but most) so expect to provide at least 2 native sockets or a generator for outdoor events

  • Bands (and their tech support) need a hot meal where possible and soft drinks

  • If you cancel for any reason other than Force Majeure you may be liable to pay the act a cancellation fee

  • If you cancel for any reason the deposit is non refundable.

You can view our standard terms and conditions here:

Please note

If you have booked a band for alternative times or requirements these will be listed and stated clearly in your invoices and other accompanying documentation/emails pertaining to your booking. You may or may not be issued this at the time of your booking, however this link is always available on our site and at any juncture before or after booking.

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